Kfintech nominee update

Dear Tina, I’m pleased to assist you with the CAMS and Kfintech nominee update process, ensuring your mutual fund investments are secure and up-to-date.

Tina – Oh okay! I’ll need your help with Kfintech nomination online as well. Could you guide me through that?

LXME Money Coach – Absolutely, Tina! I’m here to help. Let’s now go through the step-by-step process of Kfintech nominee update online. Together, we’ll ensure that all your nominations are up-to-date and I’ll also address the importance of making these updates before the upcoming deadline.”

Tina – Thankyou so much. Your guidance has been invaluable throughout the process.

You can update your nomination online from Kfintech website by following the below process – 

  1. Firstly go to the Kfintech website, click on ‘Nominee Updation’ and enter your PAN number
Kfintech website
  1. Once you enter your PAN number, your details will appear. Select your mode of holding and for which mutual fund portfolio you want to update your nominee. Confirm your email ID and generate OTP and enter the same.
Kfintech website
kfintech nominee update online
  1. Select the mutual fund portfolios for which you want to update nominee details, and select  if you want to opt in or opt out of nomination.
kfintech nominee update
  1. If you selected “ opt in”  then add the required nominee details. You can select up to 3 nominees and the percentage of share each nominee will get.
kfintech nominee update online
  1. Once you add the nominee details click on “Save” and generate OTP.
kfintech nominee update process
  1. Enter OTP and submit. 
kfin nominee update
  1. Once you submit the OTP, your Nominee will be updated.
kfintech nominee update

What happens if you don’t make a nomination for your mutual fund investments by 30th June 2024?

As per the SEBI circular, failure to update the nomination details or opt out of nomination by 30th June, 2024, will result in investors’ folio being frozen and they won’t be able to redeem their investments.

If you haven’t nominated anyone for your mutual fund investment yet, then make sure to do so before 30th June 2024!

Click here to know more about the Nomination process!

Click here to know the step by step process to update nomination details from CAMS website!

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Add a Nominee to KFintech Online (KFintech Nominee Update Online):

Visit the Kfintech website.
Locate and click on ‘KFintech Nominee Update.’
Enter your PAN number and submit.
Choose the mode of holding and the specific mutual fund folio.
Verify your email ID and generate an OTP.
Decide whether to opt in or opt out of nomination.
If opting in, provide nominee details (up to three nominees).
Specify the percentage share for each nominee.
Save your information, generate another OTP, and submit.
Your nominee details will be updated.

2. How to Change Your Karvy Nomination online (KFintech Nominee Update):

Follow the steps mentioned above to access the Karvy Nominee Updation online.
Log in with your PAN number.
Select the mutual fund folio for which you want to make changes.
Modify the existing nominee details as needed.
Save your changes, generate an OTP, and submit.

3. How to Update Your Demat Folios Nominee (KFintech Nominee Update):

Visit the Kfintech website.
Go to ‘KFintech Nominee Update.’
Use your PAN number to log in.
Select the relevant demat folio.
Make the necessary changes to nominee details.
Save your updates, generate an OTP, and submit.

4. How can you get your Karvy Nominee Updation online (KFintech Nominee Update):

Access the Kfintech website.
Click on ‘KFintech Nominee Update.
Log in using your PAN number.
Choose the mutual fund folio where you wish to update the nominee.
Edit the nominee information as required.
Save your changes, create an OTP, and submit.

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