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Building fearlessness by providing every woman with tools to empower themselves with the right knowledge and take control of their money.



At LXME, we're here to simplify your money decisions with our intuitive platform designed exclusively for women.



We strive to create a safe and supportive community that fosters collaboration, mutual respect and shared learning - wherein women can openly discuss financial matters.



We understand the importance of privacy in money matters and are committed to providing a safe environment for these transactions. Our expert-researched and regulated products also ensure a secure financial journey for every investor.


The architects who are laying the
foundation for a brighter future.

Priti rathi gupta

Priti Rathi Gupta

Founder of LXME

Founder of LXME and one of the foremost ladies championing the cause of financial freedom for women, Priti Rathi Gupta comes with over two decades of experience in the Financial Services industry. An alumni of Harvard Business School, Priti has been awarded for setting up the Commodities desk, Currency and Forex Advisory Business. Priti’s aspirations lie in fostering equitable access to wealth for women. Priti & LXME were featured in Her Majesty the Queen’s Official Platinum Jubilee Pageant Commemorative Album. LXME was awarded the ‘Warrior of Change’ at ‘The Annual Impact Creator Awards 2021’ She is passionate about film making and aspires to go to Film school someday.

Ridhi Kanoria Doongursee

Ridhi Kanoria Doongursee

Co-founder of LXME

Ridhi Kanoria Doongursee is a strong believer in the importance of financial independence. She comes with over 15 years of experience, is a two time start-up founder with comprehensive experience in Fintech, Ecommerce and a 360° solution builder across business & start-ups. It is Ridhi’s personal endeavor to enable every woman to take charge of her finances & achieve her financial goals. Through LXME, Ridhi hopes that every woman overcomes her existing unconscious biases (internal & external) & socio-economic conditioning to truly become financially independent.


Meet the team that helps put the
ideologies into action.

Suraj - lxme

Suraj Nagaraj

Head of Product

Suraj is an experienced professional with a strong background in building digital products. His impressive portfolio includes renowned organizations such as McLaren F1, GE, and M&G Investments. In addition to his extensive expertise, Suraj has also served as a mentor for fintech and e-commerce startups across India & U.K. With his meticulous attention to detail, he is committed to optimizing user experiences that cater to a wide audience.

Manoj Lxme

Manoj Tarkar

Head of Engineering

Manoj has successfully built technology and teams in the lending and payments industry. With expertise in software and app development, as well as architecture and deployment, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Manoj firmly believes that in today's world, technology holds the key to solving many problems.

Ankita lxme image

Ankita Bhattacharyya

Head of Marketing

Ankita brings over 14 yrs of experience in Brand Building & Communications across FMCG, Telecom and Startups. With a passion for story-telling, Ankita aims to spark conversations that drive exponential socio-economic change.


At LXME, diversity lies at the heart of our team. We're a group of young champions who are dedicated to laying the foundation for a rapidly evolving world. And you know what? We're having a blast while doing it!
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Lxme team members image
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