Work And Earn From Home With Lxme
Lxme Dream Team

In today’s times, between bills, expenses, fees and so much more, it’s tough to also save and invest. We understand that most women don’t have enough left for the latter. We’ve therefore created opportunities for women to boost their earnings with LXME’s Earn program.

  • Earn a minimum of ₹5000 per month
  • Flexibility to work from home
  • Spend just 3-4 hours daily
  • Opportunity to work with industry experts
  • Get a letter of recommendation
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Lxme Dream Team
Saving Account With Lxme
"Me Account" Coming Soon

A savings account or as we like to call it, A ‘Me’ Account is a special account meant for you to tuck in those little savings every month exclusively for your goals. You can also use this account to invest from and add any additional money you get from time-to-time for safekeeping. Avail plenty of benefits when you open a savings account with LXME.

"Me Account" Coming Soon