So you and the hubby went from two to three (yes yes, we know you are two bodies but one soul). And every day is a new lesson in human development. But while the age-old saying – “Child is the father of man” may be your general life situation right now, there are some lessons you’re still responsible to impart to your little one.

One of those lessons is to handle money responsibly. Money and time are perhaps your child’s first encounters with numbers. Just as you teach your little cherub with empathy and humor the value of time and how to recognize it, the money lesson too will sap your stores of patience. 

At the end of the day, when your child learns the money value of time, she or he will grow up to be quite the whiz.


When you’re barely stepping out of your own brand of childishness to wear the shoes of parenthood, your ward’s conflict with money can be daunting. But teaching your kid some financial responsibility is vital. It helps your little one be prepared for challenges with a secure and confident adulthood, right from paying the bills when they’re between jobs to buying their first car or house someday. Here are some ways to make your little ones more money-wise at an early age:


Help your child understand the concept of ‘earning’, by giving them pocket money for chores they complete. This will get them used to the idea of working for their money, which is something that will go a long way later in life.


Navigating the banking system is another skill your child needs to learn after a certain age. Help them open a bank account and practice basic banking tasks such as making deposits/withdrawals, writing cheques, using a debit card, etc.


When your little one receives cash from you or anyone else, show them the benefit of saving or investing it instead of just spending it all. Tip: Offer to double any money that’s in their piggy bank or account at the end of the month!


It’s easier to spend someone else’s money, and kids never truly learn the value of money if parents pay for their every desire. Support their needs, but encourage them to get a job to pay for their ‘wants’ when they’re old enough.


Children learn by observing people around them, especially their parents. If you want them to learn financial responsibility, you need to practice what you’re preaching. If they see you spending recklessly, they’re going to do that too. You may want to make life as easy as possible for your child, but pampering them will not give them the tools they need for life. A little bit of tough love is needed when it comes to dealing with money, so your little one is the future!

As you will be teaching money management to your little ones, so you as a parent have a responsibility of planning for their brighter future as they are the future!

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