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Tanya Saksena

Senior Copywriter, LXME

Ways to Make Money as a Stay-At-Home Mom

Hello Wonder Woman! 

We know being a stay-at-home mom is one of the toughest jobs out there. From managing the household to keeping the kids in line, you’re a real-life superhero! But let’s be honest, with all that multi-tasking, finding time to earn a little ‘mom money’ on the side can feel impossible. 

Well, don’t hang up your cape just yet! We are here with 13 fantastic side hustles and side job ideas for stay at home moms to help you make some cash without leaving your lil’ ones. It’s time to tap into those unstoppable mompreneur skills with a few side income ideas from home.

Mommas, Start Your Engines with these side hustles for mom:

1. Words for Rupees: If spinning a good yarn is your special power, why not use it for freelance writing? Whether it’s whipping up blog posts, web content or even literary masterpieces,   ideas for stay at home moms to make money from home don’t get much comfier.

2. Graphic Design: For those artistically gifted ladies, offer your graphic talents to businesses looking for logos, marketing materials, or digital illustrations. Combine your creativity with some tech shakti. It is one of the most lucrative side job ideas for stay at home moms.

3. Resell Queen: The ultimate way to “reinvent” household items? Online reselling! Become a resell queen on sites like eBay, Amazon, or Flipkart. That clutter is worth cash!

4. Digital Diva: These days, every business needs a solid digital presence. If you’re social media savvy, offer your expertise in managing accounts, creating content, and even digital marketing consultancy as a side income idea.

5. Baking Biz: Is your signature banana bread drool-worthy? Consider launching a baking subscription box or home bakery delivering sweet treats to local foodies. Master those mithai moves!

6. E-Comm Queen: Side hustles for moms don’t get better than this. Why not tap into your entrepreneurial spirit by curating an online e-commerce store? Sell homemade treasures like candles, jewelry, or even upcycled home decor through Etsy,  Amazon, Flipkart or any other e-comm sites.  

7. Mommy Meal Prep: For all the culinary queens out there, a homemade meal prep service delivering fresh, healthy dishes could be the perfect side job idea for stay at home moms. It is one of the best ideas for stay at home moms to make money.

8. Fitness Guru: Speaking of healthy living, those pre/postnatal fitness routines could make killer online virtual fitness classes. Let’s get those buns and guns toned, shall we?

9. Change Lives: LXME’s part time job for women opportunity can help you make up to Rs.60,000 per month. It is 100% digital with convenient working hours. You not only fill your funds but also change the lives of other women. 

10. Tutoring Rockstar: Put those academic skills to use by offering tutoring services, whether it’s homework help for kids or online lessons in academics you excel at. Earn while inspiring young minds!

11. Green Thumb Glory: Plant one for the money-making gardeners! Homemade organic baby food, natural skincare lines or even terrace gardening consultations could seriously blossom that bank balance.

12. Course Maestro: Have a real knack for teaching? Why not create and sell online courses?! Share your wisdom on anything from parenting tips and hacks to chai-making mastery and sell it online on Instagram.

13. Storytelling Badshah: Calling all gifted gupshup queens – why not compile those cherished family recipes and stories into a sellable ebook? Dish out both flavors and nostalgia!

There you have it – over a dozen dynamic side hustle ideas for stay at home moms to bring in some hard-earned cash while still bossing it on the home front. The world is your oyster, mommas, go work on some side hustles to make money.

Of course, every household and mom’s needs are unique. Take the time to explore opportunities that fit your lifestyle, skills, and interests. With some creative thinking, you can absolutely find ways to monetize your talents with ways to make side income while being a wonder mom.

So grab that superhero cape and get hustling! Your journey to financial empowerment starts right here. Once you start earning, you can learn to plan your expenses, save and invest with LXME to grow your wealth and let your lil’ ones have their best life. 

Learn how to save money as a single mom here.


How can a busy stay at home mom make money?

Even with a packed schedule, busy moms can find flexible side hustles to earn from home. Some great options are freelance writing, online tutoring, social media management, or selling handmade products on e-commerce sites. The key is picking gigs that fit your skillset and can be done during pockets of free time. With some creativity, busy moms can absolutely monetize their talents around the demands of parenthood. They can also earn up to Rs. 60,000 per month with LXME’s Earn From Home opportunity.

What is the best business for stay at home moms?

There’s no one-size-fits-all “best” business, as every mom has unique talents and interests. However, some lucrative options well-suited for the stay-at-home lifestyle include freelancing services like writing or graphic design, e-commerce stores selling handmade goods, virtual assistant work, online tutoring, and creating digital products like courses or e-books. The ideal business allows you to work independently on a flexible schedule while tapping into existing skills. They can also earn up to Rs. 60,000 per month with LXME’s Earn From Home opportunity which is 100% digital with convenient working hours.

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