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Tanya Saksena

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pregnancy tips

Mommies-to-be, excited to enter this new and exciting phase of your life!? A mini-you will soon roam around this world and you’ll absolutely love them– no conditions attached.

We understand that pregnancy tips for brand-new moms can sometimes sound like advice in an alien language. That’s why we are sharing down-to-earth, money-minded first time pregnancy tips to make your nine-month journey smoother. 

1. Get Moving:

Moderate exercise approved by your doc is great for both mom and baby. Also, try Kegel exercises to flex your pelvic floor muscles after consulting your doctor – they might just prove to be a game-changer!

2. Eat Smart:

Nourish yourself and your little one with a balanced diet full of fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains. And don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water!

3. Take Your Prenatals:

Those vitamin pills your doctor prescribed may be tough to swallow, but they’ll help ensure you and your baby are getting all the right nutrients. Oh, and while you’re being a responsible parent-to-be, make sure to attend all your prenatal check-ups.

4. Birth Plan? Check!:

Chat with your doctor about your ideal birth preferences. Then pack a bag with all the essentials for the hospital stay, labor, and delivery. Make sure you are ready to embrace those first precious moments.

5. Baby-Proof Your Home:

You may be tempted to go all-out decorating the nursery, but having the basics ready (like a crib and changing station) will put your mind at ease. Also, baby-proof the house by making sure all the safety measures are in place.

6. Money Matters:

Now for the practical pregnancy tips and advice! Let’s start with budgeting for current and future costs. Track your spending, including any new pregnancy-related expenses. You can use LXME’s Budget Planner for this first pregnancy tips advice.

7. Check Your Insurances & Coverage:

Make sure you understand what your health insurance covers when it comes to things to know about pregnancy for first time moms, like prenatal care and delivery charges.

8. Maternity Leave Funds:

If you’re working, stash cash to cover any unpaid time off after your little one arrives. You may also qualify for government programs or benefits that might provide financial assistance during pregnancy and after childbirth- it never hurts to do your research!

9. Establish a Baby Fund:

Open a separate account dedicated to diapers, clothes, childcare…you name it. Speaking of childcare, start researching costs now so you can plan accordingly. You can also already start planning for your kid’s goals & dreams. You can check out LXME’s Child Education Fund and start investing.

10. Revisit Money Goals:

Babies bring changes – wonderful, life-altering changes! Take some time to review your long-term financial targets and make adjustments as needed. You can plan all your goals with LXME’s Calculators.

11. Breathe:

Don’t forget to enjoy all the moments with your lil’ one. Just breathe, and plan a little bit now for a peaceful & stress-free tomorrow. 

12. Ask for Help:

Whether it’s finances, weird pregnancy woes, or general life shenanigans, don’t be afraid to turn to your support system. We’re all in this together! Take support from your family and if you need financial advice, you can speak with LXME’s money experts on a free call.

These are a dozen first time pregnancy tips to prepare you for one of life’s most incredible adventures. Embrace your motherhood and we got your back for everything financial, mama! Wishing you all the love and joy.


What should first-time moms do during pregnancy?

First-time moms should prioritize prenatal care, eat a nutritious diet, stay active with approved exercises, take prenatal vitamins, attend birthing classes, prepare the nursery, create a birth plan, and mentally and financially prepare for the baby’s arrival.

How do I prepare for my first baby?

To prepare for your first baby, set up the nursery, stock up on essentials (diapers, clothes, etc.), childproof your home, research childcare options, create a budget, and take time to emotionally, mentally, and financially prepare for this life-changing experience.

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