“I have nothing to wear”, came a wail from 26-year-old Kusha’s room minutes after she shrieked with joy about her best friend’s wedding slated to be a month away. There were two more weddings coming up and Kusha was still recovering from last season’s spending. How much can you spend on attire you’ll probably wait at least a year before repeating? Yet she couldn’t bear the though of appearing in the same outfit on her Insta stories from three separate weddings. Kusha’s story is the story of every diva with a handful of invitations for every big fat Indian wedding.

So what do you do?

Is your BFF willing to part with her own wardrobe for the season for the sake of your social media rep? Also does she have your mind blowing fashion or the fortune of owning a stunning Valentino number? Well, a great option is to rent these and any others for a fraction of a cost! Clothing rental is for real in India now, ladies.

Does it end at clothes?

No! You can rent some of the most loved designer outfits – Indian, western, as well as fusion, along with accessories to match.
The glorious world of rented attire does not end at clothes. You can also pick the right shoes, bags, jewellery to go with them at competitive rents. The idea being to always be turned out like new without having to maintain the pieces or racking your brains about how to make the pies seem like you’ve never worn it before.

Where to look?

Flyrobe, Liberent, The Clothing Rental are some of the most prominent players in the designer outfit rental arena. You may also want to check out local options through the yellow pages for easy access, the comfort of proximity, and wider options.

How does it work?

Most cross-city brands offer the convenience of choosing your dress online, much like e-shopping. Some brands also have physical stores. All you need to do, is select a delivery date and your basic measurements for the website to show you available options, browse the collection, pick the dress of your choice, place your order and voila!

How much would it cost me?

Various “designer outfit aggregators” rent for between 800 INR to 10,000 INR garbs that would make you lighter by upto a lakh if your bought them. A measurement session to customise the fitting of your dress, dropping a day before the event, and picking up the day after the event are all covered as part of the one-time rental (typically 3 to 4 days). Some brands also charge a security deposit that may go up to three times the rent. If you want the dress badly enough, maybe it’s worth it?

Some of these brands may also cater to your last minute whims, what with an option for express delivery. Kusha’s mother sat reminiscing the good old days when the tailor would custom create clothes for her and her cousins. For now, we reckon the young diva is already rocking the weddings she’s at with her custom fit rented fashion!

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