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Embark on a whimsical journey into the world of joyful celebrations with our latest blog on wedding shenanigans. Uncover delightful and budget-friendly ideas that add a touch of magic to your special day. Let’s explore 5 wedding shenanigans that promise memories without breaking the bank.

It’s that time of year when the wedding invites start to pour in, and your money begins to pour out. Save that pout for the Insta photos – the expenses, we’ll help you curb.

When the Save-The-Dates for your friends’ weddings first pop on the WhatsApp group, you want to mute it for a week because people won’t stop with the excitement and banter while you’re dreading the big hole it will burn into your pocket. 

Read on for how you can work through your budget without pricking others’ enthusiasm.

“I have nothing to wear”

This a common rant when d-day is approaching. But there are a few ways to plan this. One way is to mix and match, so all the weddings you are attending see you in different looks. Accessories and jewelry will all come to your aid in this endeavor. 

There are also sites dedicated to helping you rent a designer outfit for a fraction of the cost. The present gifts are a sensitive affair. In our times, mostly optional, and often explicitly stated as not accepted in the invite itself. Respect your host’s wishes (flowers are a great replacement!). If you’re going with friends, suggest to pool and buying a bigger present. Surely nothing unwieldy that they won’t be able to carry home or transport to another city. 

Friends that travel together, stay together. Responsibility is not always a bad thing. In case there are a few more common friends traveling that you know of (usually the WhatsApp group will be abuzz), take the onus of booking a stay and travel. 

Make it a fun reunion where people from the group can reconnect and take a trip down memory lane. Then the banter and games will iron over the boredom of a long-distance 2AC train compartment. The same goes for accommodation. In fact, look beyond hotels. 

Are there options for an entire bungalow available to hire for a few days? If you’re going alone, then is it possible for you to shack up at a local resident’s?

Perhaps it’s a relative or a friend with whom it’s been a while since you caught up. Airbnb-ing is another option so you may stay close to the venue without spending big bucks on a hotel and commute to and from it. 

Budget for the season: Ask anyone getting married and they’ll tell you they start with a budget. And if they do, then why shouldn’t you? Ask yourself how much you can spend, and take it from there. 

Say “No”: There’s a reason why you receive wedding invites in advance. One is so you can clear your calendar, and the other less obvious reason is so you can examine your schedule and respond with a definite ‘no’. 

Exercise option b if you’ve exhausted your spending and leave limit. No one’s going to mind it, and you may always make your presence felt with a cheery message on the wedding day or later. The union of two people is meant to make not only them but everyone who loves them, happy. As one of those well-wishers, it is important that you are not strained in the process financially. 

In order to avoid burning a huge hole in your pocket it’s better to plan prior once you know you have to attend the wedding. You don’t get to know about weddings way prior so you don’t have that much time to save and invest. Some do plan a year or 2 prior where you can plan and save efficiently.

So as we know this is our short-term goal so we need to plan and save accordingly. When the goal is within a year it is an ultra short-term goal and if your goal varies from 1 year to 3 years then it is your short-term goal. As a goal is a short term you need liquidity as well as flexibility.

You can check out the LXME App and look out for LXME Ultra Short Term Plan and LXME Short Term Plans which are recommended for 1-11 months & 1-3 years respectively. These portfolios are diversified, well-researched, and curated by experts.

What is your go-to hacks during the wedding season? Let us know in the comments!

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FAQs – Common Questions On Wedding Shenanigans

Q: What is the meaning of wedding shenanigans?

Joyful Celebrations: Wedding shenanigans encompass the playful and light-hearted moments that make a celebration memorable.

Unscripted Fun: It’s the unplanned, charming antics, and delightful mischief that add a unique touch to weddings.

LXME Insight: Explore the true meaning of wedding shenanigans at LXME.

Q: How do you describe a wedding ceremony?

Symbolic Union: A beautiful ritual where two souls unite, exchanging vows and promises for a shared future.

Joyful Atmosphere: Filled with laughter, tears of joy, and heartfelt moments, a wedding is a celebration of love.

There can be many questions when it comes to spending on a wedding. ⬇⬇⬇

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