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We are so excited to launch the Sutli Bombs of Investment- The Rs.100 Equity & Debt Funds!

Now you can start with just Rs. 100 SIP in well researched equity and debt mutual funds targeting up to 15% returns!

Time to let go of your inhibitions and start something wonderful!

While the Equity Fund is best suited for your long term goals (3+ years) the Debt Fund will help you plan your short term goals.

Pro tip from LXME founder and expert Priti Rathi Gupta–  Equity fund acts as a value creator for your investment portfolio and the debt fund acts as the protector. You can check out both funds in the MoneyTab.

So here’s your checklist:

1. Open your account in just 5 mins and earn Rs.10,000 reward points with your account on your favorite brands (Myntra, Lakme, Tanishq, Lifestyle, Cleartrip, and 100s more)’

2. Start Investing!

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