If you’re between college- and first promotion-age, a home or retirement matter little to you. We get it – the angst of always looking #instaworthy. But not knowing how to go about it without breaking the bank or starving, can be quite the bummer.

A little smart investment can help you ace millennial game – albeit within reason!


Intelligent watches, speakers that respond, artist-friendly smartphones – once you’re lured into the gadget world, there’s no turning back. Typically, a gadget update costs about 30% more than its predecessor. If you your old version hasn’t broken down, earn some exchange rebate as well.


Sigh. That old wanderlust’s instinct for change just can’t be sated, can it? So you’ll book flights and hotels three months in advance, midweek and slap on all the discount coupons. But safety and comfort come at a premium. Budget that in and have a happy holiday: Don’t scrimp on them – do buy insurance when booking your tickets and make sure you don’t stay at some shady Airbnb just to save on stay costs
As for paying for these seeming extras is concerned, trust us, a short term investment can result in sweet forever memories.


Amidst all the excitement of retinues, menus and venues, the financing part of one’s wedding is often a last-minute jugaad. The previous generation turns to their Public Provident Funds for this one. Ours borrows loans. Some others even wait for their long term mutual funds to reach a stage of happy returns.
But love shouldn’t have to wait so long. Nor should the heart’s desire to soar. And digital or analogue – if you can’t ‘tech’ it easy, it would be such a kill-joy.
Loans come at a high repayment cost. Stressing about money at one’s wedding is fun – said no one ever. Archaic old PPF has an upper limit on withdrawals, unless you’re shutting the account for good (sounds a lot like dad’s 9 pm curfew, doesn’t it?).

Long-term mutual funds have been known to yield high returns – but life is short and YOLO! They already sound like the slightly awesomer. But still-awhile distant cousin of PPF uncle with the time they take long to yield returns.

Short term mutual fund is a feasible option if you have low appetite for risk, since the investment is higher in debt than equity. They give mid-ranged returns of up to 9.6%.

These small wins are easy with short-term investment options. The risk is low, the gratification almost instant. Plan for them in the medium term (3 months to a year), and with moderate returns you can enjoy your ritual of retreat often enough!

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