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In a world where finances play a significant role in our lives, being in a financially draining relationship can take a toll on your well-being. It’s essential to recognize the signs of a financially draining relationship to safeguard your financial stability and emotional health.

In this LXME article, we’ll explore four common signs that indicate you might be in such a relationship. Understanding these signs is the first step toward making informed decisions about your financial future. Let’s dive into the world of recognizing and addressing financially draining relationships.

Strengthening your relationship during the formative months is part of the journey, but are you *financially* compatible with your beloved?

 It seems like a taboo to mention the money aspect when you’re still in the honeymoon phase of dating and then it seems like you’re stuck. If you are in a financially abusive relationship, it is likely that you will sweep the matter under the carpet. Truth is, you must stand up for what’s right before you’re walked all over.

Here are some signs that you’ve probably already noted and looked the other way:

Left My Wallet

Is there a person in your life who never seems to have their wallet on them? They are always short of cash or seem to have forgotten their card at home. A responsible adult always carries their cards and cash. If you find your partner always borrowing money from family or friends, the relationship isn’t sustainable.  

The never-ending job hunt

Are you with someone who hasn’t been able to hold on to a job for a decent duration of time? They blame the industry or their boss or the work environment for not continuing the job. A reasonable partner tries to solve a difficult job situation for the sake of their career and for better management of household expenses. If you find yourself in such a situation, a reality check is the least you can offer.  

The financial betrayal

Your partner makes sudden, unwanted and secretive expenses that you stumble upon. You discover credit card bills that you weren’t aware of or a loan. This issue has  entered the realm of trust. Talk to them and try to make them understand what this means and how it weighs in your relationship.  


When you confront them, they make excuses or lie about the financial matter. Either it is a secret spend, them controlling your bank account or an unpaid credit card bill. It could also be the job they quit without so much as asking your opinion. These tendencies are out and out red flags. Understanding their side of the story might help.

If you still find loopholes, then the matter’s already escalated. When you discover the alarming money habits of your partner, your intuition alarm goes off because you have neither heard about them or known through friends. Even though you may be socially extremely compatible with your partner, this could become a thorn on your bed of roses. Look out for the signs, listen to your intuition, and confront the situation before the situation confounds you!

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

What does financially draining mean?

Financially draining refers to a situation where a person or relationship consistently puts a significant strain on your finances, often leading to financial stress and instability.

What does draining much mean?

“Draining much” typically means an excessive or substantial amount of something is being consumed or used, which can apply to various contexts, including finances.

What does drain my savings mean?

To “drain my savings” means depleting or using up your saved money or funds, often due to unexpected expenses, excessive spending, or financial challenges.

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