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Tanya Saksena

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Female personality types

Trying to find your your female personality types? We got you. This blog will help you know what are the different female personalities and which one you belong to. After all, this trait helps you make crucial decisions every day. 

Let’s start with our first woman personality,

The Alpha women

An epitome of confidence and dominance. Women that belong to this personality type tend to be confident, assertive, independent, influential, ambitious, and have many dominant personality traits. This personality type helps you have a lively social life where there is an immense spectrum for growth and appreciation. Women who have this personality tend to be very outspoken about their ideologies. Their extroverted nature helps them exhibit very good leadership qualities and they do not shy away from communicating their views. Don’t they sound like queen material?

Beta women 

The next female personality types is the Beta women. Beta women tend to be introverted and soft-spoken. They are empathetic, modest, adaptable, patient, and good listeners. If you have these traits, you might be completely opposite to the alpha women yet very strong-headed. These women have a way of approaching situations in a very positive way and showcase their pacifist nature when dealing with tricky situations. They are a great support system for society. 

Gamma Women 

Women with these personalities take aspects from the 2 female personalities above. Gamma women share the extroverted nature of alpha personality  and the empathetic qualities from the beta personality. If you belong to this women personality types, you definitely enjoy the best of both worlds!

Omega women 

Women with this personality tend to share traits with the beta personality. They tend to be super introverted and find solace in their own company. They have limited social circle and have a knack for being growth-driven, opening doors to a brighter future. But their soft-spokenness makes them very emotionally driven too. Their ability to make rational decisions is fogged by emotions which makes them susceptible to getting hurt. 

Delta women 

If practicality had a better definition it would be delta women. These women are masters of all traits, they possess a mindset like alpha, empathetic ability like beta, positivity like gamma women, and intelligence like omega women. This makes them headstrong beings that communicate well. They also tend to be insecure and critical of themselves their practical nature allows them to bounce back and accept their differences and use it to their advantage. 

Sigma Female 

The best way to describe a sigma female is someone just like an alpha female who is very outwardly intimidating but is more likely to empathize and emotionally connect. They crave attention and prefer emotional connections. They tend to get attached to things very quickly.

Now you know about the different women personality types. Whichever you belong to, you should always aim to become financially independent. You can do that with LXME, an investment platform for women. You can also start investing to match your personality.


What are the 6 types of personality of a woman?


Which is the most attractive personality type?

The most attractive personality type depends on person to person. But the person’s values should be an important factor when deciding their attractiveness.

Can personality types change over time?

Yes, personality types can shift, depending on certain factors which include but are not limited to experiences, growth, and changes in the environment. Although some fundamental features may be somewhat invariable, a person develops and grows to become a different entity as she comes across various circumstances and tests.

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