Shazia Ahmed, 37, launched her own research company two years ago, and is about to marry her long-time academic compatriot. Today, the millennial woman is more than just her home and office. She is an emotionally evolved and multi-functional being who dons several hats with elan.


The millennial woman has passed the threshold of performing gender-conventional jobs of a teacher or nurse anymore. Today she cures as a doctor, explores as an astronaut, creates as an engineer and fights tooth and nail as an attorney and that’s not even scratching the surface of the possibilities of what she can do. She runs corporations PepsiCo and ICICI. She even runs all of Germany and several other nations. She plays intergender tennis and she runs marathons with millions – often for charity – and wins.  

The millennial woman is charging into every sphere and changing the landscape. It’s not hard to believe that in the past few decades she has taken up newer careers and charted a course for herself. Powered by professional degrees and determination, she is expanding job descriptions and enjoying independence hitherto unknown to previous generations.  

However, success transcends the conventions of being hard-nosed and chasing careers with a vengeance. More urban women are looking for rewards beyond economic independence through professional occupation. While the rush of a busy schedule is addictive, several working women now actively seek purpose and meaning through and in work.  


Women professionals seek overlap between the jobs they must perform, those they consider socially responsible, and those they would most enjoy.  

Women professionals are looking for more at work than just the responsibilities they are meant to shoulder. They are also looking to be rewarded subliminally by employers and clients alike. Great colleagues, for one: when you spend eight hours a day for five days a week, you want friendly and receptive beings around. Often, the workplace is governed by transactional relationships – get to office on time, be efficient, get the job done, and go back home a little less yourself. But an environment that is geared for success at every level of hierarchy is conducive to the success of the entire organization. Women are more cognizant of this phenomenon and are increasingly pushing for, as well as demanding it.  


Millennial women also seek more flexibility. This is not just about work-life balance, but also about job satisfaction and defining direction and leadership at one’s own pace and suited to bespoke capability spectrums. Flexibility hence, is not just managing a career after starting a family but also about having freedom and responsibility – a proactive involvement beyond job descriptions.  

Meaningful work, therefore, surpasses money, title enhancements, job security, and even flexible hours.  

For the millennial woman, growth pervades all silos. This growth hinges on discovering and unlocking more personal potential. It releases from others’ aspirations. It allows greater independence in making a difference and preserving the ability to nurture the future.  

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