time your investment

If you are focusing all your energy, trying to find that right moment to invest, here is a simple tip- Start investing right now!

  • You don’t need to time the market to grow them. Having financial goals and beginning your investments early, gives you the advantage of staying invested long term instead of waiting and not growing your funds at all.
  • Remember: Your money needs to work as hard as you do. Hence, keeping funds idle in your bank account may not exactly be the best strategy to grow them.

But you must be worried, given the way the markets have been in the past month?? Right? This is where an SIP or Systematic Investment Plan comes into picture..!!!

  • An SIP helps you be less worried on how the markets perform. For a long term investor, continuously investing through the ups and downs of the stock market helps in building a corpus over a long investment horizon.
  • Investing through the market volatility helps further, since it takes benefit of both averaging your investments as well growing by compounding.

You may also choose to invest lump sum, in case you have idle or extra funds in your bank account. The on-going market correction may be is an ideal opportunity to invest your spare funds through lump sum investments.  In our earlier posts, we have mentioned how important it is to have an emergency fund and the need to build one, as early as possible. Similarly, having in place a retirement plan and other long term goals too should be followed by immediately starting your investments, no matter how small the amount is.To sum it up: Investing is like our life journey. We begin our lives with baby steps, and gradually gain pace, while continuously learning and growing. Similarly, start with your first small SIP, and then keep investing as you move ahead. Throughout our life, we face so many ups and downs, and while it may be natural to panic, we do overcome them. Similarly one should try to not panic and systematically wade through market volatility. Therefore, LXME recommends – Stop waiting for the right time, and start investing NOW.

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