Travel Tips and Tricks

Travel Tips and Tricks

Travelling alone for the first time is undoubtedly rewarding but can break the bank. This is especially true for destinations that are every tourist’s wet dream or a blatant sign you come from the third world. Cross expensive travel destinations off your bucket list even if you’re on a limited budget. Here’s the marauder’s map full of travel tips and tricks!

You may save and invest money for that one long dream trip, but in the interim cutting cost for immediate whims will mean landing at your next big airport and money-saving travel plans that much faster!

Search high and low for money saving travel

Go online, talk to friends-colleagues-(heck, even-)-the guy everyone loves to hate to discover free attractions and affordable activities, local food havens, and the lowest deals on everything.

Defy the calendar for money saving travel.

Avoid peak tourist season for your dream locale. Travelling in so-called bad weather is cheap even within India. One travel guide tip: If you’re planning to go on a solo trip, remember to research the cheapest flight days and consider scheduling your trip on weekdays.Moreover travelling on weekdays or off season also garners you discounts on hotels bookings, tourists places and more. 

Get off the radar

We’re not just talking about treading off the beaten path when it comes to looking for travel destinations. Closer to your touch screens, open an incognito window to avoid price spikes even within minutes and hours of your first search. You’ll have also avoided the creepy related ads that follow you around everywhere on social media.

Lodge cheap

Even the most expensive tourist places will have something for the young and broke. Check for reviews and testimonials for hostels, home-stays and Couch-surfing hosts – between the platforms themselves and TripAdvisor, you are in safe hands. E-stalk your host before you say yes and once you’re there, don’t part with your passport.

Travel light

Where weather’s unpredictable, layers come to the rescue. There’s merit to Cliff Richard’s croon about travelling light. You’ll have “no bags or baggage to slow me down” and also avoid the hefty overweight charges. Crunch all you need in your carry-on and you’ll be literally “a hoot and a holler from (travelling) paradise and that money saving travel”!

Become a groupie

We’re not suggesting taking a package tour. But there are plenty of informal tour operators and travel enthusiasts who know lonely wanderlusts like yourself. Check out Meetup, Reddit, or Lonely Planet’s forums and you’re sure to find a tribe you can call your own on the road. This is one fam-jam that will actually help you lower costs.

Breakfast like a king

Any paid stay is bound to come with the promise of at least half-decent breakfast – usually unlimited. Stuff your face with unladylike shamelessness to keep you going for a while. For the next meal – let comfort food or instant, dehydrated packets revive you, if you’re travelling alone for the first time.

When in rome

Some locals may appear xenophobes, but your host must always oblige with answers to pertinent questions! Break ice over beer, a joke or just a smile and seek recommendations on affordable shopping and dining, as well as attractions no one would find on the tour guide.

Souvenirs are great. The ones you click, print and send as postcards with a postage stamp from right where you are is the best present for those you love if you are planning a solo trip. Let the tan and ear-to-ear grin be the most precious memorabilia you bring back for them and yourself. The novelty of nostalgia never wears!


What are the best travel hacks?

LXME’s Luxe Hacks: Discover exclusive travel hacks for a lavish journey.

Pack Smart: Roll clothes to save space and minimise wrinkles.

Tech Essentials: Scan important documents, and carry a portable charger..

How can I make travelling easier?

Efficient Packing: Pack versatile clothing and use packing cubes.

Digital Planning: Use travel apps as your travel guide for navigation and language translation.

Stay Flexible: Embrace spontaneity and be open to unexpected adventures.

What are travel safety tips & tricks?

LXME’s Safety Wisdom: Prioritise safety with our travel tips and tricks.
Secure Valuables: Use anti-theft bags, and keep valuables in a hotel safe.
Stay Informed: Research local safety guidelines and emergency contacts.

Where to start if you’re travelling alone for the first time?

Solo-friendly destination: When planning a solo trip, always choose a destination that is going to be easy to explore on your own 
Plan ahead: From budgeting to booking your flight ticket, always plan ahead of time to get the best deals and save money on travel.

How to manage a budget for travelling alone for the first time?

Track your expenses, prioritise spending on experiences over material goods and look for budget-friendly accommodations when planning a solo trip. 

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