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Tanya Saksena

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things to do to improve finances

Managing finances is not as difficult as we make it to be. We can invest and cut down our overspending habits. Today, more women are hustling and making money than before. Hence, LXME, India’s Leading Financial Platform offers personal money management tips. As a leading financial platform, we can help more women to invest smartly, and become independent. 

If you are wondering about how to manage money we will let you in on a secret. A woman does not need to have a high-paying job or to come from a wealthy lineage to manage her finances. 

For many women, better money management skills are all it takes to manage their expenses. Additionally, it will help to increase their capability to capitalize, save, and accomplish monetary goals that once seemed difficult.

Top 5 tips on money management for women –

If you feel like your money is fixed in a stagnant place with no way out, you can opt for several options to create a better situation for yourself. If you are wondering about how to manage your money following are 5 tips that can help you –

Track your expenditure to balance your finances:

If you do not know in which areas you are overspending, and looking for personal money management tips, LXME is here to help you. We do believe that there is a good chance your expense behaviors have room for development. We can tell you that better money control starts with cost cognizance.

As personal money management tips, we will suggest you to download LXME the investment app. Such apps will help you to track expenditures across different categories, like personal expenses, luxury, etc. 

Further, you can see for yourself how much you are spending on luxuries such as entertainment, and dining. Once you have understood yourself on these conducts, you can make a strategy to mend your expense behavior. 

Create a convincing monthly financial plan:

To remedy your issues regarding how to manage money, we will suggest that there is no use setting a stringent budget based on extreme changes. Instead, you can learn about finance management from the experts of LXME. The best way to create a monthly financial plan is to subtract the amount you spend on necessary causes from your income. 

After that equation, you may end up with some excess amount.  You can further divide the excess into two parts. One will be for investment, and the rest of the money can be spent on luxury items.

One of the best tips on money management is to make a budget that works with your way of life and expenditure behaviors. Every woman should set a budget as a way to inspire healthier habits. It can include cooking at home more frequently, but you should allow yourself an accurate shot at maintaining your budget. 

You can also follow the golden rule of budgeting according to which, 50% of your income goes into your wants, 30% into your needs, and 20% into savings & investments.

Initiate an investment plan:

If you are wondering about how to manage money and your ability to invest is minimal, you can make a small investment per month. Such investment accounts can aid you in generating more income from your earned money. Furthermore, with beneficial apps like LXME, every woman can seamlessly invest money online starting with just ₹100.

The track to better funds starts with altering your ways. Some of such alterations will be more stress-free than others. However, if you stay dedicated to this alteration, you will end up with abundant money-management skills. Such skills will aid you during your life. Additionally, once you can manage your expenditures, you can make better investments and achieve your financial goals. 

Build an emergency fund:

Among the best personal money management tips, is to build an emergency fund that you can utilize during unforeseen circumstances. Even if your investments are small, this extra fund can save you during perilous circumstances. In such cases, a woman may be forced to borrow money at high interest charges.

To remedy your fret about how to manage your money you can invest and grow money with LXME. Even your smallest contributions will reinforce your monetary safety in the long run. Use automatic contributions such as mutual fund investment to enhance this reserve and strengthen the practice of putting away your money.

Cut back on frequent charges:

Do you sign up for services you certainly do not use? It is easy to overlook monthly payments to online streaming platforms and mobile applications that cost your bank account. If you wish to learn how to manage money you should refrain from signing up for services you don’t regularly use. 

To perfectly manage your finances you can review your expenditure for charges as mentioned earlier. You can also consider canceling redundant subscriptions. It will help you to save more money each month.


It can be overwhelming to look for the best ways for how to manage money more efficiently. Therefore, the expert team of LXME is here to offer the best personal money management tips. 

Start with using LXME’s Budget Planner to plan your expenses.


What are the first steps I should take to improve my finances?

The first step that one can take is to review their finances. You can separate between your necessary investments and luxury ones. It will help you to set a budget. 

What are some tips for reducing monthly expenses?

Some of the best tips for reducing monthly expenses are to set a realistic budget, cut down on your overconsumption, and invest.

How can I improve my financial resilience?

To improve financial resilience, one must fix a simple budget, and stick to it. The emergency fund will help during unprecedented circumstances. Further, one can also invest on the LXME app to track their expenses regularly.

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