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“We’ll never solve the feminization of power until we solve the masculinity of wealth,” said Gloria Steinem.
And we believe she’s right!

Only 33% of women in India today make independent financial decisions (DSP Winvestor Pulse 2019). 

As women, we have been programmed to believe that money somehow isn’t our concern, it’s a man’s job to take care of the finances. ‘Don’t talk about money’ is one of the most deep-seated unspoken rules of ‘lady-like etiquette.’ 

Well, it’s time to change this.

If you’re not in charge of your own money, you’re not in charge of your own life. We cannot be fully equal with men until we are financially equal with men.

So what can we do?

Take action.

This Diwali, it’s time to Be Your Own LXME.

diwali flower gold

Lakshmi, always decked in gold with a wizen old owl by her, is the picture of economic wealth personified. She gains renewed importance every year around Dhanteras and Diwali when everyone beckons her to shower some wealth into their folded hands.

As you worship goddess Lakshmi to bestow you and your family with prosperity this festive season, look at the goddess within and ask yourself, are your actions driving you towards YOUR ultimate goal?

Your goals need money! So over the next 10 days, we’ll be showing you how you can achieve your goals through smart Financial Planning.

Stay tuned

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