Summer Money Camp

Financial acumen is a skill that no school imparts. Make your kids Financially Savvy!
LXME announces Summer Money Camp for Kids

An important skill to have as we grow up is to learn how to manage our own money. Unfortunately this skill is not learnt via books, but only via experiences.
With Lxme’s Money camp your child can now learn these Money basics in an engaging yet fun workshop. Hey moms, if your child’s age is between 6-12 yrs old, enroll them today and give them the tools to be Money Wise. 

This event will be held on 9th June, 6PM on the LXME App.

Steps to enroll for the Camp-

1.   Make a payment of Rs 99/- using the following link-

Payment Link:
2.   If you don’t have the LXME app, download and sign up on the app from playstore/appstore

Topics covered in the workshop-

1.   Money doesn’t grow on trees – teach them the value of money

2.    Sow the seed and watch it grow- saving & multiplying

3.    Where does Ironman get his money? Igniting the investor mindset

4.    Superheroes shop on a budget – Developing responsible spending habits

Each participant will receive the following engaging giveaways through email:-

1. Participation Certificate
2. A Pizza Budget Planner
3. Money Mind set Activity Sheet
4. Allowance Cheat Sheet

Gear up for the most exciting summer activity that will leave your kids better equipped to manage money

Click on the link below to make the payment

Payment Link:

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