Stay Fit Without Slimming Your Wallet

Does the acronym for health, fitness and working out spell out as “GYM” in your head? Have you lost half your wallet weight in a six-month or (worse still) an annual membership? Are you wondering how to start working out at home? The first few weeks were all about religious attendance and euphoria and then… Then that big pitch got you busy, then aunt Flo visited, then a colleague got married, and of course you promptly fell sick. It’s been three months since you’ve touched the treadmill, maybe twice? And you’ve kissed your money “adios” behind the gym reception. Tut tut.

Spending thousands (if not millions) is not the only path to staying fit. The most effective ways to save your body from doom are also the most economical ways to apply the same effect to your bank account. We’ll tell you how to start working out at home. 

Throw some weight around

Any instructor worth her salt will tell you that your body is just as good as any fancy fitness machine. Bodyweight training lets you explore a variety of home fitness exercises – Spider Man pushups, wall sits, criss-cross kicks, push-ups, planks, squats, etc. There’s tons of creativity in the routine to cut boredom, and you can even do them while watching Netflix or combining them with house chores.

Hey belle, get a dumbbell

Contrary to popular belief, building and maintaining a home fitness gym is not just for the rich and loaded. You don’t need fancy treadmills, tens of barbells, a bench press, or a pulldown machine. So, how to start exercising at home? All you need are three sets of weights, two or three fitness accessories (fitness ball, resistance bands are all good), a yoga mat, and the convenience (and privacy!) of your own home.

Gather support

Working out alone can be daunting. Without an instructor you may feel lost, or not motivated enough. But you’ve got friends who can help you. And when no one knows, and you’re looking up on how to start exercising at home, the internet comes to the rescue! Explore YouTube’s gazillion free video tutorials for everything from yoga to strength training to boxing to interval training; or Pinterest’s easy-to-follow instructions; or join the Instagram bandwagon for inspiration and reach out to people who follow the same home fitness routine as you. Reddit’s experienced and qualified bodybuilders and coaches are always happy to help set up your circuit training, or healthy recipes.

Sport is the new workout

Played a sport in school? Follow one even now? Being and staying fit isn’t just about having a surfboard tummy. It’s about lifestyle changes, physical endurance, and mental wellbeing. Preserve mental and physical health in the company of people you actually like. Pick up a sport! Nothing beats the build-up in a basketball court or the ton of good badminton does for your posture. Not to mention the banter that will lead to great memories and lots of endorphins for that happy feeling. If your club or gymkhana membership has been lying unused, explore the swimming pool, the squash and badminton courts, check if there’s a Zumba or martial arts class that you can sign up for. They’re all super low maintenance ways to stay fit and looking high maintenance, always!


What does stay fit mean?

Staying fit, popularly known as keeping fit, is an activity that keeps your body and mind active throughout the day through exercises, meditation, walking, and more. You can learn to exercise at home with the help of home fitness videos available online. 

What is the cheapest form of exercise to stay fit?

The cheapest form of exercise is walking, as it helps build endurance and strengthen your heart while boosting your mood. This is one of the best low-impact exercises to begin your fitness journey. 

How to start exercising at home when you’re out of shape?

If you don’t feel ready to work out at the gym, consider starting with home fitness exercises, such as simple stretches or cardio workouts. Many helpful YouTube videos offer guidance on starting your routine at home.

What is the 30 30 30 rule for staying fit?

The 30 30 30 approach of staying fit is a weight loss method that suggests taking 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up and then spending 30 minutes exercising to help kickstart your metabolism. 

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