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Squeezing in a shopping spree and an extra dine-out by the end of the month is tough even when you have a regular paycheck to count on. But if you’re foraging through purses for stray hundreds even for a basic wax just because you’re on a break from nail-biting corp-speak, you need to stop right now and check out these tips.

1. Audit Your Spending –

If you need to tighten your purse strings, you should first have a clear idea of just how much money you need. Calculate how much you spend on rent, utilities and other basic costs, and take a closer look at items that are not crucial.

2. Mind Your Budget –

Paring down your total monthly expenses from wholesale to retail is not a bad thing for the short term. For as long as you’re unemployed, set yourself a budget on your basics. This will leave you more to spend on small pleasures and keep you from drowning in misery. But hey there, don’t get carried away!

3. Stay off Credit –

When money starts running low, it is tempting to use plastic credit to pay for indulgences or to withdraw cash. Beware that temptress though, because you’ll have to pay it back next month. Deferring this credit repayment can then become a debt trap with high interest and transaction fees for checkmate.

4. Cover Costs–

Being unemployed doesn’t mean being a financially handicapped. There are various ways to bring in money, from selling off extra stuff you own (bonus: a clutter-free home!), to picking up a few freelance assignments. If you’ve intended to be on this break well in advance, then you can actually plan your finances by also investing a performance bonus or two. Such foresight would not only earn you an extra buck, but also keep the financial diva within you on point.

Setting any sum of money aside for savings and investments after you’ve quit may not be entirely possible, so plumping your emergency fund is not a bad idea. The most important thing to remember is that bad times, tough times, and no-income times do not last forever. Careful planning and a disciplined approach to spending, saving and investing, can tide you over rough patches without too many financial scratches!

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