2021 new year review

2021! What a year it was, one hell of a rollercoaster with lots of ups and a few downs. With the support of our LXMEs, we’ve been able to accomplish so many things. 

Let’s take a sweet ride down memory lane and relive some of our greatest achievements this year… 

Empowered 80k women in the LXME ecosystem!

Through the umpteen partnerships and conversations, we’ve managed to impact 80K women making them financially fearless and enabling them to take charge of their money! 

Changed the Money Game with the launch of the new LXME App!

We aced our app game in 2021 bringing you fearless women an app that can truly liberate you.

  • Ask, learn and share about investing and money management in the BeingLXME Community. 
  • Plan for your goals with easy-to-use Retirement, Tax and Goal calculators 
  • Invest in expert-backed Mutual Fund plans and Gold. 
  • Answer 3 simple questions and find out where you stand on your money journey.
  • Learn on the go, everyday with informative blogs and learning modules 
  • And finally get an opportunity to share this financial revolution with your girl gang through the exclusive referral program! 

Aaaaaaand we have so much more in store for you!

Launched the highly successful Rs. 100 Equity and Debt Mutual Fund Plans

  • To ensure that no woman gets left behind to make herself financially independent, we introduced the Rs. 100 Equity and Debt Fund. 
  • Now you can literally start small with JUST Rs. 100 and we can’t think of a single excuse to not invest. 

Enabled Financial Literacy Workshops for several women!

  • We partnered with some of the esteemed companies in India to conduct customized and personalized financial literacy sessions for their women employees through gender inclusion programs. 
  • Through activities, challenges and sustained engagement plans, we’ve made several women take the first and most important step towards better money management.

Collaborated with influential Women to relay impactful stories through the UnStereotype Campaign!

  • Inspired over 10 million women across the nation with stories of women who’ve broken stereotypes. 
  • Women like Faye D’souza, Dr Cuterus, Prashashti Singh, Neelakshi Singh, Manasi from Pink Legal, Navya Nanda, Masoom Minawala and many more came forward and gave us insights into the prejudice they’ve faced as women and spoke about their motivational personal experience with gender-based stereotypes and how they overcame it. 

And all this hard work paid off! Here are some of the rewards & recognitions we’ve received!

Got selected for Facebook Community Accelerator Program, 2021!

  • A huge feather to our hat! We were one amongst 13 Indian communities and 130 global communities across 9 regions to be selected for the Facebook Community Accelerator Program, 2021. 
  • This program helps leaders harness the power of their community to turn impactful ideas into action. We’re excited for the opportunity to learn, grow and scale our impact.

Won the Financial Alliance for Women Hackathon!

  • The Financial Alliance for women is based in New York which has a distinctive network that has people from over 135 countries who share a goal of unlocking the full value of the female economy. 
  • They invited various Fintechs to customize their solutions to the different markets around the world and the Fintechs were judged on the basis of idea validation, innovation & prototype, impact on women’s market, business model, competitiveness and scalability, team and female founders. And we won!!!!!!

Won the ‘Innovation in Financial Inclusion award” at Annual Impact Creator Award, 2021 

Applauding our efforts, this award was bestowed by the Governor of Maharashtra Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari. 

Made it to the Femina Power Brands list!

Got featured in Femina Power Brand 2020-21 with brands like Sephora, Neutrogena, Oriflame and so on.

And to sum it up, we engaged in 300+ investment-related and financial literacy conversations and were featured in 30+ media publications like Femina, The Hindu, YourStory, Money9, sakal ET and many more. 

This year might’ve come to an end but our passion to do better will always be persistent and we won’t be able to do that without YOU. 

We’re heading into 2022 filled with passion and determination to make more & more women Financially Independent!

We can’t wait to unravel what 2022 holds for us! Stay close, ladies 😉 

Happy New Year! 

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