How to make the most of rakshabandhan gift money

Ishwari – Hey Di, how about we use our Raksha Bandhan Gift Money and treat ourselves to a relaxing Spa day today following with a movie later!! We’ve earned a good amount today. All thanks to bhaiyya🤭 Yayyy, it’s going to be fun🎉

Riddhi – Sure thing! But here’s the deal: you are paying for our fun day, right?😂

Ishwari – Oh, come on! That’s not fair! You’ve got money too

Riddhi – Yes, But guess what? I’ve got some smart ideas for using this money in better ways

Ishwari – Oh is it!? Nothing can beat a spa day😏

Riddhi – Believe me or not! This can even help us plan our dream vacation better!

Ishwari – Seriously? Spill the beans already!

Riddhi – Go checkout the blog I’ve sent you on “How to Make the Most of Raksha Bandhan Gift Money?” by LXME. Give it a read, and well, fingers crossed, you might actually learn something, hopefully!😜

Rakhi vibes are in the air – the time for sibling bonding, laughter and of course, those cool gifts!😜

During Raksha Bandhan, we women often find ourselves showered with gift money from our brothers! And what do we usually do with that cash? Well, let’s be real – shopping sprees and indulging in a little luxury might ring the bell, right? 

But guess what? Your Raksha Bandhan Gift money isn’t just pocket change – it can be your ticket to financial awesomeness!!

So, let’s dive into the ultimate guide and look at these 4 ways on how you can rock that gift money and make this Raksha Bandhan unforgettable in a whole new way! 🎉💰

4 ways on how you can utilize your Raksha Bandhan gift money

1. Build your Emergency Fund

– To manage any sudden or unexpected expenses one should create an emergency fund, which is equivalent to 6-8 months of monthly expenses so that in the future you don’t have to pressurize your savings.

– Sometimes saving for 6-8 months of expenses can be overwhelming which might lead us not to create the fund and ignore the same till an emergency arises.

– So, this can be an opportunity for us to invest your excess cash towards building an emergency fund and secure your future against any contingencies.

– Emergency Fund should be created by investing in highly liquid investment instruments.

– You can park your emergency fund in LXME Ultra-Short term fund and in LXME Gulluck which offers instant redemption facility. Click on the link to invest now!!

2. Start making smart investment choices

– Women need to start investing and make themselves financially independent. You can utilize this gift money to invest in financial instruments that will in turn generate returns and help you fulfill your goals.

– If you haven’t started investing then you can start with just Rs.100 and if you have started investing already then boost your investments by adding more.

– Turning your gift money into a source of wealth is one of the wisest decisions any woman can make. Explore investment avenues that align with your financial goals and make informed decisions according to them. 

– Whether you’re aiming to fulfill your travel goals or ensuring a comfortable retirement, actively channeling this gift money towards these goals can play a significant role in turning them into reality.

– Checkout the various goal-based portfolios on the LXME app that are well-researched and curated by experts. Invest now and let your gift money start working for your financial future!!

3. Invest in yourself – Pursue passion projects

– For women, self-investment is an act of empowerment. You can allocate a portion of your Raksha Bandhan Money to enroll in courses or workshops that align with your interests or career aspirations.

– Women juggle multiple roles, and their passion takes a backseat. But we can use a portion of this gift money to upskill and invest in a passion project. Whether it’s starting a side business or creating art, this investment can provide both financial and emotional rewards.

4. Use it to pay off your debt

– You can utilize the Raksha Bandhan gift money you receive to strategically contribute to your EMIs.

– By directing these funds towards your EMIs, you can make significant progress in repaying your loans and reducing financial obligations.

Raksha bandhan gift money is definitely an expression of love, and if utilized wisely, it can turn out to be a catalyst for financial independence!!

This is how you can effectively utilize the excess cash you receive during Raksha Bandhan. Using this cash for your goals can aid you to develop your financial capacity. These additional investments are like a cherry on the cake for your goals! 

Instead of spending our cash haphazardly, let’s utilize it mindfully!!


Q. Is it a good idea to spend the Raksha Bandhan money on something fun or indulgent?
Ans. While treating yourself is okay, balance is key. Consider allocating a portion of the money for enjoyment while also directing some towards savings, investments, or debt reduction to maintain that balance

Q. Should I pay off my debts or invest the Raksha Bandhan money?
Ans. It depends on your financial goals. High-interest debts like credit cards should be prioritized for repayment. If your debts have reasonable interest rates, you might consider investing the money for potentially higher returns. Prioritize and utilize accordingly.

Q. How can I ensure that I don’t overspend or waste the gift money?
Ans. Create a budget that outlines how you plan to use the money. Stick to your budget and avoid impulsive purchases. Take time to think before making significant financial decisions.

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