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Siddhi Sharma

Associate Money Coach, LXME NISM Certified

Unveiling LXME's Home Loan Calculator with Pre-Payment

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In India, having an own house holds a lot of emotional and social value. So, when we plan to buy a house, we need to prepare ourselves for home loan EMI payments and down payment of the house which is possible only if you plan for the same. For which we require a housing loan EMI calculator right?

So, we are introducing to you a very easy and convenient LXME’s home loan calculator where you can calculate the EMI you’ll have to pay on the loan you’ll take, out of which how much interest payment and principal payment will go. The most unique feature of this home loan interest rate calculator is pre-payment. If you already have a home loan you can plan your pre-payments and pay off your loans as soon as possible.

Click here to calculate your home loan EMIs and everything related to it.

Steps to use this calculator:

Step 1:

 Click on the link, go to the file section, and download  LXME’s home loan EMI calculator

Step 2:

Fill in your home loan details in the yellow-colored sections.

Step 3:

See your home loan calculations such as EMI, interest, etc.

 Step 4:

In case you already have a home loan and want to pre-pay, then you can add in your prepayment as per your comfort. It’ll help you understand how soon you can pay off your loans.

Note: This home/ house loan calculator is safe and secure as no one can access it other than you, as you’ll be the owner of the Excel file that you’ll be downloading.

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