Save 5000

No more waiting!! 

Get ready to level up your savings game with LXME’s third season of the ultimate Gulluck Savings Challenge. We heard you and your desire to save, and now we’re here to make it happen. Your wish is our command! Save ₹5000 in just one month. Join the challenge, save, and watch your money grow effortlessly. 

How to participate in the Gulluck Savings Challenge?

Step 1: LXME will announce a number every day on the LXME App and BeingLXME FB Community

Step 2: Save the Daily Number in LXME Gulluck. Visit the Invest tab, click on Gulluck, Lumpsum Option and make smart savings. For example, if the number announced is ₹105, you’ll invest that as Lumpsum(one-time investment) in LXME Gulluck. On the next day, you can again visit the LXME Gulluck tab, click on INVEST MORE and save the next day’s amount. 

Step 3: Comment “Done” on the daily number announcement post.

How much will I save through this challenge?

At the end of July 31st, You’ll end up saving 5k money! Be a Super Saver: From zero to hero. Get Set, Save and watch your savings grow?

What do I need to participate?

Following are the 2 things you need to participate:

1. LXME App: You need to download the LXME app in order to participate in this challenge.

Click here to Download the LXME app.

2. FREE LXME Account: Once you download the LXME app, open a FREE LXME Account to be ready for the Gulluck Challenge. If you’ve already opened the LXME Account, then Awesome!
If not, watch the video to know how you can open your LXME account. Click here!
Need support with account opening? Speak to our Money Buddy

Where do I have to save money?

You have to save your money in LXME’s Gulluck.

What is LXME Gulluck?

First of-its-kind digital piggy bank for women, which consists of a low risk liquid mutual fund. It’s recommended to make Smart Savings. You can make instant investments and instant withdrawals. LXME’s Gulluck is targeting a rate of return of 5%*p.a. For more information Click Here.
Reach out to our Money Buddies for any assistance required and they’ll guide you.

Steps to invest in LXME Gulluck:

Note: It will take 3-4 working days to reflect your investments on the LXME App.

When we save as a community, we do it better! Let’s level up together with LXME’s Ultimate Gulluck Savings challenge and take one step forward to our Financial freedom! 

Jab chahe invest karo, Jab chahe karo withdraw

Savings Mein, Don’t be Silly

Try LXME Gulluck!

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