Embarking on a fitness journey has never been more accessible, thanks to the myriad of options available at our fingertips. For beginners eager to kickstart their wellness routine, the keyword to success is clear – “best workout apps for beginners.”

In this guide, we’ll navigate the fitness app landscape, unveiling user-friendly companions designed to make your initial steps into fitness effective and downright enjoyable. Let’s dive into a world where technology meets motivation, shaping the ideal workout experience for beginners and the best fitness routine apps.

As a modern woman, you have personal and often even professional commitments that often take a toll on your health. The lamest excuse—not enough time. Unsurprisingly, the answer to that is technology—more specifically, your smartphone. Recently, several fitness apps have made their foray to ease tracking and addressing health problems. These gym apps for beginners are easy to use and customisable and also support medical treatment, possible workouts, and even diet regimes.

Here’s our pick of free apps that you can install on your smartphone – whether Android or iOS – and try out:

The Best Fitness Apps for Beginners:

1. HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe delivers what it promises. It handholds you through your weight-loss journey like a friend. It tracks various health parameters, like food, exercise, and weight. HealthifyMe, a fitness app for beginners has over 1,000 activities to add to workout routines (including yoga) and integrates seamlessly with fitness trackers like Fitbit, Mi Band, and Google Fit.

Configured to the Indian diet and food habits, it has the largest online calorie counter in India and offers a database of more than 20000 food items across 13 regions in India. Top benefits include goal setting and tracking, meal logging, diet tracking with nutrient mapping, and access to professional nutritionists and dieticians to enjoy dedicated one-on-one guidance and coaching.

2. Couch to 5K (C25K®)

If you’re suffering weight issues alongside fatigue, this is the app to use. The award-winning gym app for beginners, C25K® helps by benchmarking about eight weeks of effort to enable you to run five kilometres. Originally designed for beginners who want to start running, the app only needs 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, for 8 weeks in total. That’s gold for someone hard-pressed for time! Our vote goes to its matchless user interface, in-app music playlist (subscription), and modest, realistic workout schedule.

3. Daily Yoga

This fitness app for beginners has more wins than Baba Ramdev. A super handy yoga training app, Daily Yoga is holistic: from meditation techniques to body sculpting, it covers everything. With 500+ asanas, 200+ guided classes of yoga, pilates, meditation, 50+ workout plans, plus 10+ top coaches\’ workshops. All of this while you move from being a novice to a yogini! We “Om” the HD Videos with live voice instructions and new content every month.

4. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

This fitness app for beginners deserves to be on the list precisely because it is designed scientifically to improve your health and achieve fitness goals. With three difficulty levels – beginner to pro, you can customise your desired workout. This app works on the fundamentals of using your own body weight for strength training and weight loss. From short workouts, HiiT workouts, to body-sculpting plans – this app has it all!

5. MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter

This gym app for beginners should be your favourite calorie-tracking application. A must-have for every busy bee, it lets you log food items and ingredients from anywhere – even custom recipes! Leagues ahead of its competitors, MyFitnessPal focuses on what you want to achieve – gain, lose or maintain weight. It also estimates how much your body burns without additional exercise. With a clean layout and easy-to-navigate design, it also allows barcode scanning water tracking and connects to a host of apps and trackers.

FAQs – Common Questions on Best Workout Apps for Beginners

Which workout app is best for beginners?

LXME recommends “MyFitnessPal” for its user-friendly interface and customisable workouts. It tracks progress seamlessly, making fitness a personalised journey for beginners. But check out our best fitness apps for beginners to explore more and decide your favourite.

What should I work out first as a beginner?

Start with LXME’s beginner-friendly routines, focusing on full-body exercises. Begin with bodyweight exercises like squats and push-ups to build a strong foundation.

How should a beginner work out?

For effective and safe workouts, follow LXME’s curated routines. Begin with a warm-up, incorporate a mix of cardio and strength training, and cool down. Consistency is key!

Are the best fitness routine apps free?

No, not all of them. But all of these fitness apps for beginners do provide an unpaid version, which might not comprise all the features but still offers a load of tracking, movement, and workouts.

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