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Tanya Saksena

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Hobbies for women

Have you ever been asked, “So, what are your hobbies and interests?” And you have really thought about it and wanted to have more interests in life?

Making time for mentally satisfying activities goes a long way toward making you happy and fulfilled, especially when you’re busy with work and other daily tasks. The ten best hobbies for women listed below involve a variety of activities that will keep your mind sharp, your body active, and your mind at ease. They also give you a sense of accomplishment.

1. Reading

 Reading is one of the best hobbies for women that can be associated with many good things. It helps keep your mind active, lowers stress, and gives you more or less information about a lot of things. Highlights include getting better at understanding different perspectives, expanding your language, along with focusing and paying attention. Lastly, it makes you smarter and better at remembering things, makes you more tolerant by exposing you to different points of view, and is an easier activity to indulge in even when you are on the go. Additionally, reading can help you become a better person, which makes it a great activity.

2. Meditation

Meditation is one of the fun hobbies for women that is also good for them. It helps lower stress by relaxing the body and mind, which leads to a deeper state of calm. When you meditate every day, you can focus better, feel better emotionally, and have a better sense of who you are. This can also help you sleep better and may even lower your blood pressure. Meditation is best done as a hobby because you don’t need any tools and can do it virtually anywhere. The benefits of meditation are never ending and you should really get into it to lead a calmer, focused life.

3. Money Management

A hobby that is essentially a life skill, if you can give yourself time to learn about money management, it will reward you far beyond your imagination. Budgeting, investing, and knowing how money works will help you achieve all your financial goals and lead a better lifestyle. LXME, an investment platform for women will help you learn about the basics of finance and guide you on where, how & how much to invest through our resources, learn modules, live sessions and much more. We also have calculators that will help you put a financial plan to achieve your dreams. You can also join LXME’s community where like-minded women discuss money matters. It is one of the best hobbies for women to get into that will really change your life. 

4. Running

Running is a great way for women to engage in exercise because it is good for both: the body and the mind. The muscles get stronger, the blood flow and blood pressure go up, and it helps you keep your weight in check. Running also makes you feel better because it releases endorphins, lowers stress, and makes your brain smarter. In some ways, it helps you set goals and meet your own objectives. Running is also cheap and easy because you don’t need any equipment to do it except a pair of running shoes. It’s a great way for women to get in shape and improve their mental health.

5. Pottery 

Doing pottery as a hobby would be fun and relaxing for women. Clay-based occupational therapy can be very relaxing, and it can be used to treat psychological problems like worry and anxiety. Individuals can be artistic and enjoy the satisfaction of making one-of-a-kind items. Additionally, making pottery can help improve hand-eye coordination and small motor skills. Additionally, it gives people a feeling of accomplishment, and for those who take group classes, it’s a way to interact with others and make friends.

6. DIY

Do-it-yourself projects are great hobbies for ladies who like to be artistic and run their own businesses. Its product gives people a sense of accomplishment and pride in making something unique and helpful. Being self-employed is fun, helps people relax, and makes them feel better about their mental health. They also learn how to solve problems and can save money as it also involves reusing and recycling.

7. Writing

If you love expressing yourself, or if you have problems expressing yourself, writing could be one of the best hobbies for women. It can be very helpful because it helps clear and organize your thoughts and lowers stress. Writing also improves communication skills and grows a person’s vocabulary. It lets you share or listen to a story, idea, or opinion, and it gives you a sense of goal and success. It’s a great hobby for your mind and soul, and all it needs is a pen and paper, or just your notes app in the phone.

8. Playing an Instrument

Women should learn to play an instrument as a hobby because it will help them be more creative and express themselves. In addition to improving memory and focus, it boosts general brain power and coordination. Listening to music & making your own is a great way to relieve stress. It can also be a social activity that brings people together to jam. 

9. Interior designing 

Interior design is a great hobby for women because it lets them be creative with their space. Our sense of style can come through in the way we arrange and decorate our homes, making them both more beautiful and personal. It’s a sport that helps you learn how to solve problems and pay attention to details. It can be very rewarding and enjoyable to see a design idea through to the end. Offering a unique look to the inside of your home through interior design can also help you relax and feel good at home.

10. Volunteering 

Women should definitely take up volunteering as it’s one of the interesting hobbies for women, it gives them the chance to make a difference in the world. It helps people and gives you a sense of meaning. Volunteering can also help you make new friends. It lets women meet other women who share their interests and build a network of support. 


Which hobbies are more suitable for woman?

Hobbies for ladies that make their soul happy are the most suitable. This can vary from woman to woman and can include, reading, writing, pottery, learning about finance amongst others.

What are some popular hobbies for women?

Hobbies that are more outgoing and generalized, like dancing, singing and reading are more popular than most but the list keeps going. Learning about finance can also be a great hobby that can change your life.

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