Rakhi or Rakshabandhan is about a brother promising to protect his sister, although these days sisters are tying ‘rakhis’ to each other as well. And why not? We’re all about equality of the sexes, aren’t we?

Whether you have a brother or a sister, here are some smart ideas about what to demand from them this Rakshabandhan:


Many of us don’t end up making time for creative pursuits, which are every bit as important as work and leisure. Whether you are experienced artists or just curious about an art form such as photography or learning a new musical instrument, get your bro to fund it. It’ll be added incentive to stick it out longer!


Money gifts hold significant meaning when, even if in part, they relieve you of serious anxiety. You could ask your favourite man in the family to pay off some of your debt. Even if it’s in part, the relief that the gesture offers, is bound to strengthen the bond for years to come.


Learning and development courses in addition to your degree or diploma can provide a huge career advantage. Now that so many of them are online, you don’t even need to worry about traveling to take classes. Your sibling can get you no better gift than an academic or skill-based course that will help you get ahead.


Traditionally, cash has always been considered THE perfect gift for Rakhi, but it’s hard to fight the temptation to spend it on something frivolous. Instead, ask your sibling to invest in fixed deposits or mutual funds in your name, for a gift that keeps growing over time. Make this your new tradition!


Replace the symbolic gift of cash with an actual financial safeguard, i.e. an insurance policy in your name. It can never hurt to have an extra fallback for any kind of emergency you may face, so if you already have life insurance, ask for health or disability coverage, or even an upgrade to your existing plan. This year, forget about done-to-death gift ideas such as cash, jewellery, clothing or shopping vouchers. Make smarter demands, for gifts that are more meaningful and longer-lasting too!

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