Have a busy schedule, travel often or sit late in office? Your career and life ambitions will only hold good if good health’s on your side. ‘Tech’ it easy with food gadgets that keep it tasty and healthy.

You are what you eat, and by extension, drink as well. In your fast-paced routine, you can feel on top of the world, even if you’re on the move, with these five tech ideas. Tap the App Now knowing the nutritional value of the food you eat is as easy as downloading a mobile application. Some apps like MyFitnessPal and MyPlate Calorie Counter even offer to tell you the total calorific value and nutrition you’ll derive out of a dish.

The National Institute of Nutrition recently launched an app called Nutrify India Now especially for Indian cuisine. Now you have no excuses to watch what you eat. Soup it up Whether you’re watching your weight or need some hot liquid on a cool evening, nothing like a yummy soup. Electronic soup makers from popular brands such as Morphy Richards, Wonderchef, Prestige and Phlips are great options to cut the ordeal while retaining the nutritional value of a great cuppa soup.

Don’t Cry, Air Fry To eat healthy should not mean locking up the foodie within.

Check out the vast range of air fryers available at your electronics store. This wonder-gadget packs in the nutrition while reducing the use of oil to a truly bare minimum. Choose from brands such as SToK, Philips, Wonderchef, La Italia, Glen, Havells, Prestige and Usha to name a few. Take the Bullet Whether you’re traveling or have a busy schedule, nothing should keep you away from your favourite fruit and veggie juices. While carrying an elaborate juicer is just unwieldy, there are battery operated or low-watt bullet juicers available in the market that you can carry in your tote or stow away in a drawer or corner of your office pantry.

Recognisable brands selling the product include Wonderchef, Boss, Philips, Pigeon and NutriBullet. Glug Clean When you’re traveling – whether to a small town on business, or on camping holiday, filtered or bottled water aren’t always easily accessible. A small device that can be attached to a water faucet will ensure the water you consume is always potable. Kent, Aquaguard, WaterScience are prominent brands to pick from. Whether at home, at work, or on holiday, don’t let bad health or the fear of it take you away from where all the action is. Adopt any, a few, or all of these gadgets in your everyday life and you’re ready to set off a new adventure at the shortest notice!

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