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Why Women First?

2022 Survey


of women are not confident enough to invest in mutual funds.


of women have no concrete financial plan for their retirement.


of women do not invest their money independently.


of women are looking for a platform that would make investing easier.

2,00,000 +

A growing community of 2 Lakh+ women who are new to investing have taken charge of their finances and are learning, planning, and investing online independently with LXME. This investment platform for women is slated to help you get confident in handling money matters.

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Free membership to the 50k+ community on this financial platform for women. A safe space for women to talk about all things money. You can ask questions, learn, share your experience, learn about investments and grow with a women-only finance community of financially fearless women! Once you feel confident, you can learn how to invest money online in a safe and secure manner. If you need a place to know all about personal finance for women, this is it.

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Knowledge boosters and simplified modules! Learn the basics of investment planning through interactive modules, expert-led LIVE sessions, games and challenges and so much more. Learn how to make online investments to achieve your financial goals with its easy to use, intuitive app. Through the learn modules, understand personal finance planning in a simplified, demystified manner. Get all of this and more on this investment platform for women.

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Introduction To Investing


Let nothing get in the way of your financial goals! With our easy-to-use calculators, you can plan for your financial goals like retirement planning, tax planning, child education planning and goal planning. LXME is one of the foremost platforms for online investments in India amongst women helping you take financial planning up a notch.

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Did you know that all it takes is just ₹100 to start investing money online with LXME - the finance app for women? LXME is an expert-backed mutual fund investing app and its mutual fund investments are specially curated to meet your goals and needs. Here you can find various SIP plans, health insurance for women and a simplified way of investing in mutual funds. Learn all about personal finance for women with LXME.

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Beyond just being an online investment platform for women, we're offering them a chance to build multiple income streams through various earn from home online opportunities like product partnerships, referral schemes, business pop-ups, and much more. LXME is a one-stop women’s finance website that has a plethora of opportunities to help women become financially independent.

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Earn From Home With Lxme


An emergency can occur anytime, what's important is that we're prepared for any eventualities. LXME’s insurance plans for women are tailored to meet your unique requirements. Sign up for women only insurance plans with LXME - the foremost finance app for women.

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Budget smartly, save effectively and go cashless with this prepaid card for women. The LXME Dream Card is made exclusively for women. Enjoy women-centric offers, state-of-the art security features and be in control of your expenses. Sign up for the Dream Card on this investment platform for women.

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With LXME’s online investment platform, every woman deserves to feel like money is an enabler to her dreams. Apply for LXME’s personal Loans and get loans up to ₹2lac on this finance platform for women.

  • No collateral
  • Instant Disbursement
  • Online Application

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LXME is powered by Integrity at its core.

Fueling women’s financial future, we aim to educate, equip and empower every woman to grow in financial knowledge and independence. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our service. Our goal is to create a platform that is dedicated to helping women take charge of their money confidently.

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Fueling Women’s Financial Future Through Lxme


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