Mom – Sitting at the kitchen table, counting her monthly bills.

Pranjali – Curiously watches Mom and decides to strike up a conversation, “Mom, what are you doing?”

Mom – “Hi, sweetheart! I’m sorting out the bills for our house. It’s something adults do to manage their expenses.”

Pranjali – Puzzled “But where does the money come from?”

Mom – Inviting her to sit beside her  “That’s a great question, my dear. Money comes from working hard and earning it. Just like how you earn your pocket money by helping me with the chores.” 

Pranjali – Eyes widening “So, money doesn’t just magically appear?”

Mom – Chuckles “No, it doesn’t. It’s important to understand that money is earned and should be managed wisely. Let me tell you the 5 things that will make you money smart.”

Pranjali – Curiosity piqued “Really? Tell me more, Mom!”

And so begins their journey to discover the 5 things that can help Pranjali develop the skills and mindset needed to make wise financial decisions by developing a strong financial foundation.

By introducing good money habits and providing them with essential knowledge, parents can empower their children to become money smart from an early age.

1.  Teach them Basic Money Concepts – 

Introducing basic money concepts is an excellent way to lay the foundation for financial literacy. Teach your child about different denominations of currency, how to count money, how to save it, e.t.c.

Encourage them to save their pocket money or earnings from small chores in a piggy bank or savings account, parents can teach their child the value of delayed gratification (choosing to postpone immediate satisfaction in order to attain greater rewards or benefits in the future) and develop a sense of financial responsibility

2. Teach them the difference between needs and wants – 

In a consumer-driven society, it’s essential to teach children the difference between needs and wants. Help them understand that needs are essential for survival such as food, shelter and clothing, while wants are things that provide pleasure but aren’t really necessary. 

By understanding this distinction, children learn to make informed decisions about their spending. 

3. Budgeting and Goal Setting –

Teach your child about the importance of budgeting and goal setting. Explain how money needs to be allocated for different purposes such as saving, spending, and investing. Help them create a simple budget by setting spending limits for various categories, such as toys, treats, stationery and discretionary expenses. 

You can explain the 50-30-20 budget rule simply by giving them chocolates and dividing them as per the rule – 

By learning to prioritize their spending and save for things they want, children develop crucial money management skills. 

4. Cultivate a mindset of Financial Responsibility- 

In addition to the above points, it’s crucial to cultivate a mindset of financial responsibility in your child. Help them understand the significance of making wise financial decisions

Encourage them to think critically about their purchases and consider factors like quality, utility and long-term value. By instilling the mindset of financial responsibility, you empower your child to make sound choices that align with their goals and values. 

5. Introduce the concept of Investing – 

Teach the concept of investing to your child in an age-appropriate manner. Explain that investing involves putting money into something that has the potential to grow or generate returns in the future. Encourage them to set aside a small portion of their savings for long-term investments.

Teaching children about the power of compounding and the potential benefits of investing can set them on a path toward financial security and future wealth accumulation

“What a child can do today with assistance, she will be able to do by herself tomorrow.”

Lev Vygotsky

Bottom line – 

By implementing these 5 strategies, Moms can empower their children to become Money-smart individuals who can make informed financial decisions throughout their lives. Remember, teaching children about money is an ongoing process, so it’s essential to have regular conversations about finances and provide opportunities for hands-on learning

By equipping your child with these valuable skills, you are setting them up for a lifetime of financial success

Unleash your child’s potential with invaluable life skills that go beyond the classroom!

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While you’re doing this, secure your child’s future to provide them with the best opportunities. 

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